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Getting started
Register an Account

Registering an account is so simple, you'll be chatting in no time!
Step 1: Click on the "Trail Talk" button, you will see items titled "Home", "Help", "Login", "Register", etc. Click on "Register".
Step 2: On this new page, you will see a form where you can choose your username and password and a place to enter your email address. Fill in the boxes with your information.
Step 3: Check the box at the bottom of the page to agree to the User Agreement.
Step 4: Click on the "Register" button at the bottom of the page.
That's it! The requires you to validate your account before you can post. So, an email will be sent to you containing an activation link. Click on that link. Now you"re ready to log in and post!

Log Into Your Account

Now that you've registered an account, it's time to sign in.
Click on Trail Talk again:
Step 1: In the menu above, you will see items titled "Home, "Help", "Login", "Register", etc. Click on "Login".
Step 2: On this new page, you will see several options.
Username - Enter in the name you registered with.
Password - Type in your password.
Logged in For - Choose how long you would like to stay logged in for. (Most leave this set to “Keeps”
Forgot Password
If you can't remember your password, click this button to have it resent. (Full directions below.)
Step 3: Once you have everything filled out, click the button in the form titled "Login".
Congratulations! You are now ready to participate in this community! Note, if you do not see the "Login" button in the menu, you may already be logged in. This can happen on some boards set up for instant registration.

Log Out of Your Account

When you are done posting, it is a good idea to log out of your account so others using your computer will not have access to your information. To do this, find the menu item titled "Logout". Once you click this button, Az BackCountry Riders will log you out of the forum. You must log in again if you wish to post or access member-only functions.

Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password, AZ BackCountry Riders can resend it to the email account your registered your account with.
Step 1: In the menu above, you will see items titled "Home", "Login", "Register", etc. Click on "Login".
Step 2: On this new page, you will see a button titled "Forgot Password". Click this button.
Step 3: A new page will load with a single box. Enter your username or the email address you registered with.
Step 4: Click the button titled "Send".

Your Profile

Profile Overview

Az BackCountry Riders allows you to fill out a profile which tells people about you. You can have your name, age, instant messenger information, personal avatar (picture), and more!
Step 1: To change your profile, click the "Profile" option in the forum menu above. This will bring you to the View Profile page.
Step 2: On your View Profile page, you will see a special link titled "Modify". Click this link.
Step 3: For security reasons, you will then be asked to enter your password. Do so, then click "Confirm Password".

You now have access to all of your account settings and options for this forum, divided into four sections: Edit Profile, Contact Information, Options and PM Preferences. For details on each of this, please read on below.

Edit Profile

The Edit Profile section gives you quick access to your basic profile settings for you account on the Az BackCountry Riders forum.
Password: If you wish to change your password, you may do so by filling in this box. It is highly recommended that your password be at least 6 characters and use a combination of letters and numbers.
Verify Password: In order to change your password, Az BackCountry Riders needs to know that you'll remember it. You can do this by entering your new password again in this box.
Name:This is your Display Name. This is the name everyone will see throughout this YaBB forum. Most forum systems display the username you login with, but this is not the case with AZ BackCountry Riders!
Gender: Optional. If you want others to know your gender, you may pick "male" or "female" from this drop-down box. Keep in mind that this forum may have boards with access only allowed to certain genders.
Birthday: Optional. If you would like others to see how old you are and have a special icon in your profile on your birthday, please enter it in DD (day), MM (month), YYYY (year) format.
Location: Optional. Filling in this box will display where you live, where your from or anything else you choose.

Contact Information

If you would like other members of AZ BackCountry Riders to be able to contact you, this section will allow you to provide this information in your profile.

Email: This must be a valid email address. It is used for system notifications such as a forgotten password, topic notifications, and forum emails.
Hide Email from Public: Check this box if you do not want other Az BackCountry Riders community members to view your email address. Note: this does not hide it from Admins.
ICQ: If you have an ICQ account, you may enter your UIN here.
AIM: If you have AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), you may enter your user name here.
YIM: If you have Yahoo! Instant Messenger, you may enter your screen name here.
MSN: If you have an MSN Messenger address, you may enter it here.
Google Talk: If you have Google Talk, you may enter your address here.
Website Title: If you have a website, you can enter the title here. This will be the text the URL (below) will attached to.
Website URL: Here you can enter the URL to your website. Note, this must be a full URL. (i.e. include http:// )


The third section of your AZ BackCountry Riders profile allows you to edit forum settings that relate to your account.
Personalized Picture: Az BackCountry Riders allows you to define a small picture (called an avatar) that will display under your name next to your posts. This forum has a number of avatars already installed, and you may pick one from the list. If you have your own avatar, please see the option below.
I have my own pic: If you have your own avatar and would like to use it on Az BackCountry Riders, you may enter the URL here.
Personal Text: This is a small line of text that will display under your avatar.
Signature: Your signature is displayed at the bottom of every post you make and in your profile.
Preset Time Format: This option allows you to change how the dates and time are presented to you throughout the Az BackCountry Riders community.
Custom Time Format: You may also create a custom time format using the special codes here.
Time Offset: Since your time may be different from the server, you can enter your correct time zone to adjust it correctly.
Template: If the webmaster of Az BackCountry Riders has other templates installed, you may choose one from this box.
Language: Here you can select your native language to view this community in if it is available.

PM Preferences:

The final section of the profile gives you the ability to customize how you view and receive personal messages from other community members.
Ignorelist: This function allows you to ignore other members and prevents you from viewing any personal messages they send. Additionally, you may disable all PMs by entering a *
Notify by e-mail: If you would like an email when a members sends you a personal message, this options allows you to enable that feature. NOTE: Please do nor reply to the e-mail notification. If you do the reply will go to the forum e-mail address, and not to your intended recipient.
PM Popup shows PMs in new Window? If you have PM Popups enabled, checking this box will open your PMs in a new window. Otherwise, it will load in the current one.
Enable Personal Message Popup? Checking this box will display a small popup window to notify you of any new personal messages.

Starting a Topic

After you have registered an account, you will have the ability to start new topics. To do so, navigate to a category you would like to begin a conversation in. Make sure that this is the correct category for the subject of your post. Once you're inside this category, search for a link or button titled "Start New Topic" and click it. The exact location of this button will vary depending on which template is being used, but it is often near the top of the list of topics.

This will present you with a new page where you can begin to type your post. Below you will find a description of the items on this page.
Subject: This is the title of your topic and is what will be shown on the category page.
Message Icon: If you would like to add a special icon to your post, you may choose one from this list.

Add YaBBC tags: YaBBC tags give you the ability to format the text in your post. To add, simply click on the button of your choice. See below for a complete reference.
Add Smileys: Personalize your post by adding an emoticon, or smiley. Just click on the one you want and YaBB will automatically put it in your post.
Attach: If the Administrator allows, you may be able to add a file to your post by clicking on the "Browse" button to find the file on your hard drive to upload. Pay attention to the allowed file types and maximum file size.
Post/Preview/Reset: These three buttons do exactly what you would expect. Press the "Post" button if you're ready for the community to view your message, press "Preview" if you would like to see what your post will look like first or press "Reset" to clear all of the boxes and start again.

Replying to a Post

In addition to posting new topics, you can also reply to existing posts or topics quickly and easily. When you find a topic you would like to comment on, look for the button or link titled "Reply" or "Quote". Using "Reply" will take you to a post page much like the one described above. Quote does exactly the samething, however, it will add what another user has said to your post in a special box like you see below.

This is a quote:


Posting a Poll

If you have a question you would like to ask this community, Az BackCountry Riders forum gives you the ability to create a poll along with your topic. This is a fantastic way to get a good idea of what this community feels about your question. To post a poll, find the button titled "Start New Poll" from the category view and click it. The exact location of this button will vary depending on which template is being used, but it is often near the top of the list of topics. On this special post page, type in your question and options in the respectively labeled box, then fill out your message as described above.

Okay! You're ready to enjoy chatting on Az BackCountry Riders discussion forum!

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