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We are just average folks looking to find people with similar interests within our beloved state of Arizona. It seems, with the advancement in
technology these days, that the interest in the old time ways of getting around and exploring are nearly extinct. It makes finding friends and partners more and more difficult. With the fast pace of life that has taken over, people are not content with spending 6 hours in the saddle and
covering such small distances. With the invention of planes, trains and automobiles, most want to travel quickly and be home in time so as to not miss their favorite TV show.

Well I am not that way. I like to hang out and laugh with company of friends, smell the roses, slow things down and savor the moment.

With the creation of this site, I hope to bring together a community of respectful and knowledgeable enthusiasts. I hope that we can congregate regularly to exchange stories, tips, knowledge, and most of all opportunities to make new friends and partners. So please register for our Discussion Forum.

See you all on the trail!

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